Intrepid Sportswear - Uniforms

Like many high school athletes, Rob didn't love his uniforms. His team worked very hard to fund-raise for overpriced, low-quality sports uniforms. Following a brief semi-professional basketball stint, he found why his uniforms had been so expensive and such a disappointment. Antiquated business models bulging with extraneous middlemen put upward pressure on uniform prices. These inefficiencies materialized as costs passed on to kids, communities, and in some cases taxpayers. Rob built Intrepid to do the opposite by modernizing the business model. Intrepid cuts out ALL middlemen, streamlines the order process, and controls production from start to finish. This puts active downward pressure on apparel prices. We don't mind making money, but doing what is right and saving you money without sacrificing quality is WAY more important to us. Here's how we do it:

How do we serve customers without reps? This is where we excel. We have no reps, but we also have no commissions, so none of us will ever try to sell you something you don't need. We have a small office and work on a community inbox, so that all of us are in the loop on your order. And we reply VERY fast – easily within 24 hours. Each of us is equipped and ready to handle all phases of your order. No departments, no divisions, just teamwork.

Bottom line: our philosophy is simple – we want to give you the best uniform you've ever played in. These are uniforms the pros wear. And we're going to do it at a fair price. Changing perceptions, changing minds. Call us and see what we can do.

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