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I've purchased uniforms  from other companies - usually nice uniforms cost about $150. If yours cost only $89, I have to assume the quality isn't that great. Am I missing something?

Here's the deal -there's no reason a pro-quality uniform should cost $150 or more. Prices have been driven-up by our competitors and become inflated by inefficiencies in their business models. The difference you are paying between our $89 uniforms and our competitors' $150 uniforms is simply the commissions and overhead of our competitor's reps and salesman.
 With regard to our company and higher priced competitors, the difference in price has absolutely no bearing on the quality of product you receive. In fact, in many cases our quality is probably better than the price leader.

We use only the best materials, tackle-twill embroidery, embroidered logos, and we customize everything (no stock uniforms, no silk screening, no heat press). Yes, there are companies out there selling poor quality uniforms for low prices. Do not mistake our price point for a cheap uniform. We area a top-tier uniform provider, with over 10 years in the industry,  and we promise that your basketball program will receive the same quality uniforms as the 8,000+ other professional, collegiate, and high school teams we've worked with in the US and abroad, while cutting your uniform budget by 30-50 percent… at least.

We have no reps, no commissions, and never try to sell you something you don't need. We've streamlined the process to save you money without sacrificing an ounce of quality – it's that simple: we cut out the middleman, eliminated their markup, and lowered the price to you.

Why would you do that if you could get away with charging more like other sellers?

We are trying to bring down uniform prices because we believe they are needlessly inflated, and your kids and communities are paying markup they shouldn't have to pay.

That's pretty impressive, but my school's been in talks with some major brands about an exclusive contract at a big discount.

You should hear the stories we've heard from coaches about the hidden strings the big guys attach, like tournament restriction clauses, burdens placed on non-spectators sports & rec-clubs, or the money they make back on you again (and again) on re-orders, shoes and equipment. We don't just give you a great deal once – we'd rather give you a great deal all the time. We realize that some boards are impressed by showy discounts off already inflated prices, and it'd be pretty easy for us to send you an invoice showing our uniforms costing $160 each, and then give you a 50% discount down to $89 each, but really – why the extra paperwork?

The price sounds great for the first team order -- but what would you charge me for ordering just one or two uniforms down the road?

We have no re-order up-charges or fees. You pay the normal per-piece price for a re-order one year from now, or seven years down the road. That's our re-order guarantee – and thousands of schools take advantage of it yearly.

We are on a strict budget and can only order every 3 years – if I take a chance on a new vendor like you, I need to be assured that these uniforms aren't going to fall apart after a season of wear and washing. 

We understand -- we work with schools in your position every day. And, we realize that it's asking a lot to put your faith in a company your school hasn't used before. Since you're going to bat for us with your Athletic Director and school board, we'll stand behind you with a product that lives up to the hype. You will receive nothing but top-quality materials, lettering and numbering in tackle-twill embroidery, and embroidered patch logos, and we will support you with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects to ensure that you are covered until your next purchasing period. Also, we should note that most of our customers are wearing our uniforms into their 6th or 7th season, passed down from Varsity to JV or still in varsity rotation as an alternate set. These unis will last you. We will be there to ensure it.

Of course, for best lifetime, be sure to follow the washing instructions. For a copy, click here.

I don't really know the materials well. Any suggestions?

The house favorite around here is our checker tri-fit. It's lightweight, breathable, and has a slight sheen to its finish that gives you that extra 'somethin'-somethin' on the court. In order to choose the best material for your team, we generally suggest that you determine your preference between a shiny material and a matte (no-shine) material. Depending on your shine preference, we can suggest the best materials for weight management, comfort and durability. Give us a call and we'll walk you through some options.

You have a lot of styles on your site – it's a little overwhelming.

It is. There are a lot of styles – and they are all customizable to you team. This means that any style can be done in your school colors, in a men's or women's cut, in a game uniform or reversible, and in any material. On top of that, we can also customize a new style for you from scratch, for free.

Since range of selection is so broad, we suggest starting one of two ways:

Scroll through and jot down a few of your favorite styles, then call or email us to have them customized,
Call us now (888.228.4732) and we'll choose some popular styles for you to get the ball rolling.

Are your suits NFHS-compliant for high schools? I had a problem with the last set somebody made me.

We are very careful with the NFHS rules and will let you know if an element of your design is not legal under National NFHS standards. However, while most state rules run parallel to the national standard, some states have implemented rules of their own. To be 100% sure that your design is legal under your state specific rules, we suggest forwarding it on to your local official.

I really like this sample you sent me, but the lettering and numbering is really stiff and looks kind of awkward.

'Stiff & awkward' are the perfect ways to describe brand new tackle-twill. This is because we starch the heck out of all of our tackle-twill before production to make it easier to cut out into the shapes we need for your lettering & numbering. Once the tackle-twill has gone through the wash cycle a few times, the starch completely washes out – leaving the tackle-twill as soft as the uniform body. It's a pretty cool science experiment of sorts, and we suggest trying it at home. Please wash that sample 2-3 times and you will notice a HUGE difference.

I received my uniforms and noticed a few small brownish spots defacing them – what gives?

Sorry about that! Those spots are small drips of the water soluble glue we use to tack the tackle-twill down in place while we sew it onto your uniform body. We probably missed cleaning it off prior to shipping. The good news is that it's 100% water soluble and will wash out completely with the first wash. If there are any lingering problems, call us asap.

I got burned once before by bad customer service. How seriously do you take that?

Customer service is our baby. We want you happy – that makes us happy – so we're committed to work with you to find a satisfying solution to any problem.

We stand behind our uniforms both with our warranty, and with our philosophy. So, even if you make a mistake on your end that you've just realized too late, we imagine ourselves in your shoes and do everything we can to make lemonade out of lemons for ya.

You can talk to any of us about your order at any time. We have no reps, no commissions, and will never pawn you off to an unanswered voicemail.  We have a small office and work on a community inbox, so that all of us are in the loop on your order. And we reply VERY fast – easily within 24 hours. Each of us is equipped and ready to handle all phases of your order. No departments, no divisions, just teamwork.

I'm a little new to this. How complicated is the process?

It's pretty simple. We like to kick things off by sending you a free sample uniform and starting on your artwork.

Once the ball is rolling, we'll need to nail down the following:
  • Step 1: We finalize the design
  • Step 2: We finalize materials
  • Step 3: We finalizes sizes/numbers
  • Step 4: Secure PO#
  • Step 5: We put the order into production

How can I send you my school logo?

Email it on over! We'll save it in your file and add it to your artwork. We prefer to work with jpeg, bmp or pdfs with a resolution minimum at 300dpi. If you're having a hard time finding a good quality image of your logo to send, try your school's yearbook department – you'd be amazed at what gems they possess.

I sent you my sizes and numbers list. Does it sound normal?

Our sizes run pretty close to industry standard. We offer all sizes from Youth through Adult 6X. A men's standard size run usually looks similar to this: 2 (S), 4 (M), 6 (L), 3 (XL)  --    and a women's standard size run like so: 4 (S), 5 (M), 5 (L), 1 (XL)

Keep in mind that you can order different sized tops and shorts. Most players prefer a smaller top and a larger short. Also, we can easily add or subtract length from the tops or shorts.

Here's a starting point for you – use the sample we sent as a sizing guide. Have some players try it on, or compare it to your current uniforms. If you didn't receive a sample, give us a call and we'll get one in the mail.

When should I place my order to have it in time for season start?

Our standard turn-around time is a 7-10 week window. We will always do our best to deliver to you on the shorter end of that, but we cannot guarantee delivery before that 10 week mark.

We suggest placing an order for guaranteed fall season start no later than August 15th. Even better is to place the order in spring and have it delivered during the summer.

Once basketball season starts, our turn-around runs consistently around the 8-10 week mark, so it becomes harder to rush an order the later you wait to place it. If you need a rush order (between 4-6 weeks) please contact us asap with the date you need your uniforms by and we'll see what we can do.

Where else can I buy your uniforms?

You're looking at it. We're the sole providers of our uniforms and don't have sales reps or local suppliers carrying our brand. We cut out the middleman in order to cut out their mark-up, which allows us to offer these prices directly to you, so you won't find our product marked-up and for sale anywhere else.

I ordered uniforms 3 years ago, and just placed a re-order for a few fill-ins – will these be identical to my original order?

They will be very, very close. The only variable we don't have any control over when producing a re-order is the shade of the uniform fabrics. Fabric dye lots in the garment industry change several times a month, and while subsequent batches of fabric are modeled off the same fabric pigment  mixture, each batch of fabric (yielding thousands of yards) will have a slightly different colored hue when examined closely.

If you've placed your original uniform order with us within 6 months of your re-order, chances are that the colors are going to match pretty darn closely. However, orders placed beyond that time frame will have a slight discrepancy in color shade between original uniforms and re-ordered unis.

Because of the consistent turn-over of fabric dye lots, we suggest to all customers that if fiscally possible, you purchase an extra uniform or two when placing your original order.

Do you do practice gear too?

We offer both game reversibles as well as traditional practice gear.

Our game reversible uniforms are the same quality as our game uniforms and are often worn as such by many teams who choose them over game unis due to small budgets or small school size. In fact we've had a college team purchase our reversibles and wear them instead of their game unis because they liked them better. They run $109/set and are all-inclusive including your choice of materials, full customization and cut, tackle twill embroidery and embroidered logos and full reversible top and shorts. These game reversibles are a durable and attractive alternative for teams looking to pass on their practice gear to lower squads or for rec leagues.

As far as traditional practice gear goes - we offer a mesh reversible (reversible top and shorts) in our cool mesh, solid color each side, with team name tackle-twilled onto each side of the jersey for $39.00  We can add logos and numbers, etc, to these practice reversibles but please note that base price would increase with additions.

I want to work with you, nobody seems to come close to your price, but we work with an automated bid system. Did you get anything from them yet?

We work with thousands of programs a year, so it's difficult for us to keep track of every bid-system. We find that the best way to ensure that we're on your school district's radar, is to let us know directly and put us in touch with the contact at your district's bid office. Once we have that information, we'll take the steps needed to be added to your school's vendor list & bid process.

Also, please note that because we sell only custom uniforms, at one flat all-inclusive price, and since we only sell our Intrepid pro-quality brand, that we are not always able to bid competitively on bid's requesting cheap silk-screen stock uniforms. We'd love to outfit your team, but in order for us to successfully win a bid, we need to be pitted against other major brands that provide top of the line uniforms.  Let's be sure we're comparing apples to apples.

I ordered from you six years ago, do you still have our old designs and logos?

We keep your order information on file forever, and ever, and ever… and ever.

What's the story with you and Velocity -- are they no longer operating?

Velocity Athletics decided for internal reasons to discontinue operations, and they recommended us to their customer schools as an affordable, high-quality alternative. We have no further affiliation with Velocity Athletics.

Anything else I should keep in mind?

There's a ton of small things – but we've pretty much covered the basics. Here's a few odds n' ends:
  • Remember high schools can only use the digits 0-5 in their uniform numbering
  • Be sure to use a sample as a sizing reference
  • We give our production team discretion to make uniform logos the best possible size for the logo, uniform style and logo location – if you'd like your logo a certain height or width, please be sure to specify
  • Uniform design artwork is not 100% proportional to actual 'real-life' uniforms. Keep in mind that all design side panels and trims are tweaked slightly from artwork to production to keep uniforms NFHS compliant and consistent between tops and shorts
  • If you're wanting a full back-panel sublimation on your uniforms – give us a call and we'll talk you through some NFHS-legal options
  • Text/outline color-combinations to avoid: Forest-Black, Navy-Black, Maroon-Black. We suggest a 3-color outline with the former options – using White as contrasting color between the two dark colors (e.g. Forest-White-Black)
  • Black & Dark Charcoal uniforms look awesome. However, your boosters or community may not appreciate the change in school colors – be sure to check with your Athletic Director before ordering any alternate sets
  • Keep an eye on your inbox when you're close to finalizing an order. We'll send you everything for your approval, and even with a PO, we will not start the order until we have your written approval that all finalized information is a 'go'
  • Our 7-10 week turnaround time starts when you approve the final order information stated above
  • Once an order is placed, we cannot guarantee that any revisions to the order will be made
  • When your new unis arrive, store them someplace safe – we place a lot of re-orders for coaches who have their new shorts stolen
You've got more questions?

Great – pick up the phone and call us – we'd love to talk with you about anything uniform, March Madness or Seahawks related.

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